A space away

There is something about leaving your house and walking to a garden room that transports you from home life to another place, both mentally and physically.

It separates you from the trap of just finishing something, getting pulled into conversation, or just not bothering.

Having a designated space to go to for a specific activity is really empowering.

That’s what we hear time and again from Eden Arc users.

A multitude of uses

Eden Arcs have been designed for versatility. You may have one built as a home office while flexible home working is a must, but the story doesn’t end there. Due to the nature of the construction and its ability to be used year round, it is perfect for more lifestyle uses. A den, home cinema, snug, yoga studio, gym, art/craft room, cottage industry workshop, luxury relaxation room and many others have all been suggested uses.

Having a contemporary, high spec, garden building gives you the freedom to pursue activities that might not fit into family life. Conference calls are hard when children are running about in the background. A completely separate space for running a home business like an acupuncture practice is really essential for both the therapist and the patient.


Creating an Arc around you

We deliberately designed a range of Eden Arcs that are ready to go for those who know exactly what they need. But our system is also flexible enough to create bespoke designs for those who have special requirements.

We have adaptable data and power packs depending on your uses along with different window and floor finishes. This allows you to be quite specific if you need to fit in two or more desks, have a floor that is hard wearing, or walls that can fit a large TV.

Whatever you use your Arc for, we know you will love the freedom of having a separate space devoted to your work or pastime.

To speak directly to the Eden Arc team, call us on 01737 735 111 or contact us through the enquiry form.


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