Clean, fresh and open –
a single space inside and out

Nestled in the leafy North Downs village of Woldingham, sits one of our Arcs, built for a client who wanted a clean, modern and eye-catching garden office, fully open to nature and their garden in the summer, and warm and snug during the winter.

They chose a white interior to offset beautifully the rich cedar and larch cladding, keeping the landscaping simple too. A real office oasis in their spectacular garden.

They chose an Eden Arc specifically because they didn’t want a garden building that detracted from their landscape. Quite the opposite. They wanted something that was as beautiful to look at as the rest of their view.



Season to season

Where the Arc really came into its own for this client was its year round usability. The pressure to work from home meant that it was essential the office was useable in all weathers, in extreme sunshine and dreary darkness.

The connectivity was also important, as was the ability to run multiple different devices. All Eden Arcs are finished ready to connect to your home power and data supply and you can choose which power and data pack you require.

Our client absolutely loves their Arc and told us they have had to chase other family members out of it on multiple occasions. In fact, they are talking about having a second.

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