Delivering the Arcs with our modular, monocoque, intelligent design

Based on our highly engineered monocoque chassis, our Arcs are tailor-made to provide a rich mix of room types, with each finished to your choice of cladding, interior configuration and detailed specifications.

Our base range comprises a variety of accommodation including 1 and 2 bedroom suites, with or without self-catering.

We can configure our Arcs to suit your specific styling and finishing requirements, whilst still retaining our signature shape.

Our elegant, distinctive Arcs are beautifully finished, providing extraordinary spaces inside and out, framing stunning views in luxurious comfort.

One Bedroom Arc example

Configured to suit your specific needs

All about the Arc where Form Follows Function

At Eden Arc our ‘form-follows-function’ philosophy means that our Arcs are designed to provide the most effective flexible chassis and modular structure, allowing easily configurable floor layouts to suit your functional, styling and finishing requirements, whilst still retaining the signature Eden Arc shape.

Options for both serviced, fully self-catered and stand alone suites, the Arc’s built-in flexibility and beauty, means you can develop your offer and accommodation to suit precisely what your guests demand – allowing you to charge a premium Average Daily Rate (ADR), helping to drive profitably and secure your proposition.

One Bedroom Self-catered Arc example

Stand alone suites for flexible guest lodging

Two Bedroom Arc example

A living wall is visually rich and energy efficient

Beautifully finished, providing extraordinary spaces

Sedum Grass Roof insulates and protects in any climate

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