Collaborating with hospitality stakeholders to think differently

Sustainability, energy efficiency and eco awareness are becoming much more important, and go hand-in-hand with the demand for retreat locations, health and well-being and regenerative travel experiences.

Eden Arc help stakeholders to reimagine their accommodation mix to facilitate a more immersive, back to nature, outdoor activity experience.

A kinder place to be with sustainable, energy efficient and sympathetic construction

As environmental awareness and how we integrate with our surroundings is becoming much more important, sustainability and energy efficiency is at the core of our design philosophy.

We use environmentally kind materials, construction and assembly methods throughout our entire product range.

Our Arcs are designed with low impact foundations (narrow profile footings), sedum grass roofs and sustainably sourced structural ply elements, flooring and cladding.

We also offer optional living walls and bespoke free-drainage systems to trap water for irrigation purposes.

A flexible, agile approach

Our flexible approach and agile Arc construction design, means we can deliver luxury experiential lodging solutions across a variety of applications, business types and development formats.

Monetise underutilised land
– by increasing accommodation and public spaces.

New greenfield developments
– end-to-end sustainable development delivery

Multi-purpose accommodation
– further enhance and improve existing accommodation and public areas.

Asset value enhancement with Eden Arc experiential lodging

With the shift in guest preferences and growing demand for alternative accommodation, our stunning, eye-catching and highly configurable Arcs, provide the opportunity for you to maximise your business, revenue potential and asset value.

We can help deliver luxury high-end experiences to command a higher ADR, help you realise a 20-40% premium for luxury experiential lodges and villas compared to conventional hotel rooms*, and provide a highly attractive proposition, meeting the growing demand for regenerative travel by offering sustainable, eco-friendly and low impact alternative accommodation.

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