Our Arc 3 / 55 Beach Series unit comprises a 55sqm of stunningly detailed one double bed self-catering accommodation, has recently been installed for one of our US clients, who are looking to introduce premium self-catering and leisure real-estate accommodation across their resort portfolio. Click here to see the video.


Our structural design means our Arcs are built to withstand extreme environmental and weather conditions, with highly durable materials including floor tiles and treated cladding, helping lower repairs and maintenance demands throughout the lifespan of our Arcs.

We use environmentally kind and sustainable materials, construction and assembly methods throughout our entire product range. And with our specially designed foundations and monocoque construction, we can locate our Arcs in almost any location with minimal environmental impact.


Our kitchen and bathroom packages are bespoke designed and fitted to compliment our Arcs specifically, adding extra detail and touchpoints to our unique experiential lodging solutions.

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